04 April 2020
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  • DOW 23,515.26 +39.44 (0.17%)

Hpliga Account Benifits

We offer a variety of services to our clients including

  • Trade Gold at Rs.42,000 Margin
  • Trade Crude at Rs.9,250 Margin
  • Trade Nifity at Rs.12,000 Margin
  • Trade Bank Nifty at Rs.10,000 Margin
    • Since 2004 Young Company

      200,000+ clients Customer Base


    Before become our sub broker you have to open your own trading account with us, it takes only 30 minutes.


    I congratulate the Hpliga team for great service and follow up. I am pretty satisfied with the app as well as tele-assistance provided. I gotgood advisory in both Mutual Fund and stocks. Overall, My trading experience with Hpliga has been quite good.


    Customer Since : July 2013

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